Avenue South Residence Near to Singapore General Hospital

Avenue South Residence is one of the new real estate projects established in Singapore that is set to benefit many people. If you have the ambition to own a home, this is the right place for you to make that massive investment. The residential project is situated in the Downtown City Center along Silat Avenue. Yo can travel into this region with various means of transport.

Avenue South Residence Near to Singapore General Hospital

The benefits that you will enjoy if you choose to become a homeowner at Avenue South Residence Silat Avenue include:

• A quiet and serene environment for spending time with your loved ones near to Avenue South Residence
• Access to essential services such as medical care and education. The residential area is close to Singapore General Hospital. You can also take your children to some of the prestigious schools in the vicinity such as Theresa’s Convent and Cantonment Primary School among others.
• You will have access to various entertainment centers such as the tennis court, an indoor gym,
swimming pool and playgrounds
• Proximity to the central business district where you have access to various offices
• You can visit Pearl Hill’s City Park and enjoy spending quality time as you explore the
beauty of the area.

Avenue South Residence Near to Shopping Centre Tiong Bahru Plaza

Avenue South Residence UOL Group also sits on a strategic position with various shopping centers surrounding this region. Some of these reputable centers include the Tiong Bharu Plaza, Dimensions Building and Vivocity. You will enjoy a variety of goods from one of the largest malls in Singapore.

The development project is being managed by three reputable organizations. These companies include the UOL Group, the Kheng Leong Company, and the United Industrial Corporation. The company has a good reputation in Singapore for its experience in the development of quality homes. The company has a team of professionals dedicated in their work. The company owns many residential properties which include many apartments and manages the commercial properties which consist of shopping malls and office towers.

How to Access the Avenue South Residence Silat Avenue

There are various ways you can use to arrive at Avenue South Residence Silat Avenue. One of the ways is utilizing public transport means. You can pick a bus along the Kampong Bahru Road or Bukit Merah Road and get to the city. You should locate the Ayer Rajah Expressway or the Central Expressway as the South Residence is located next to these stations. You can also access the Avenue South Residence main city center through Outram Park MRT Station or the Cantonment
MRT station.