Content and information and all material on the Tompkins Hosting Website or Newsletter, referred to in the below text as “website” and “newsletter” is to be used for gaining general information. It should not be used for making specific investment decisions, and we ask you refrain from doing so. Before you make such decisions, you should always seek professional and independent advice.

Comparison of Investments

When making a comparison of the investments you find in the Newsletter and Website, please make sure that you bear in mind that the nature of these investment and their subsequent returns, charges, and risks, differ from one individual investment opportunity to the next. Not all the opportunities in investments you find on our Newsletter and Website are suited to all clients or users. Some of the investments you find are indeed unregulated. In this case, the protection of investor that is usually applicable does not apply. As mentioned above, when in doubt, please seek the advice of a professional and independent advisor.

Risks Involved in Investments

As an investor, you must be aware that prices of listed investments can rise and fall; in turn the income derived from them can also go both up and down, this known as fluctuating investment. In short, when you invest in a fluctuating investment opportunity you or your client may get back less than the amount originally invested. You cannot always gauge the strength of a fluctuating investment opportunity on its past performance.

Investing at Your Own Risk

You understand and expressly agree that there are no circumstances where Tompkins Hosting Strategy Limited, publisher of the Newsletter and Website, can be deemed liable for the misuse or use of any users or clients account, or the reliance on content, material, and information contained this within. This limitation of liability is applied in order to prevent recovery of compensatory, incidental, direct, consequential, direct, exemplary, special, or punitive damages. This limitation applies when damage arises from all circumstances; use and misuse, reliance on information, content and material, suspension, interruption, or termination of material, information and content (this includes damages incurred by users of clients as well as all other 3rd parties involved) Aforementioned limitation also applies in respect to any damage that might be incurred by reason of other goods and services that are received through the Newsletter or advertised on the website, or received through links found on both materials.

Information Accuracy

Neither the Newsletters or the Website warrant, endorse, or represent the reliability, accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of any of the content, information, opinions, views, recommendations, or adverts that are contained, linked, downloaded, distributed through, or accessed from or referred to on either the Newsletter or the Website. The same must be noted for any services on the Newsletter or Website, hereinafter to be referred to as “services”, nor the found quality of any information, products, content or material that is purchased or displayed or obtained by you. This includes anything obtained by you as a direct result of an advert of other offer or information you find in connection with the “services”

Information Found Here

Content, information, and material found in the Newsletter and on the Website is gathered from different sources. This includes, but is not limited to; company press releases, company websites, interviews, and publicly accessible documents and website. It is our belief at Tompkins Hosting Strategy Limited that this material, information, and content are reliable; however we cannot make any guarantee as to its completeness or its accuracy.

For the avoidance of any possible doubt, and to reiterate, any use of the Newsletter and Tompkins Hosting Website, and the information, content, and material found within, constitutes your pre-given acceptance of our disclaimer, terms, and conditions.

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