Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is a website dedicated to educating people on how to safeguard their personal information shared online. The company works with Walnut scanning company to ensure total security of people’s details shared online. There are so many things that people need to know before signing up with the website. Note that the individuals are expected to provide some personal details when joining the website. Other than providing the information, the following are other crucial details and information you need to learn about privacy policy website.

Disclosure of information to a third party

Tompkins Hosting is dedicated to ensuring their members’ details are safe from access by the third party. In this case, they do not share their members’ details with other websites. They do not sell, trade or transfer details and information on your behalf to other websites. But they provide a link where their members can connect with other websites. Also, in case a third party wants to link with their members, they follow up to ensure the company comply’s and strictly follow the websites rule governing such transactions. They also make sure to notify their members to get their consent regarding the Contact from a third party. The other benefit of the privacy policy concerning third-party linking is that they only agree to relay the members’ information ones they have screened and ensured the safety of both parties.

The disclosure of personal details

Some transactions for Tompkins Hosting require the individuals’ details and information to be shared by the website. The information may be shared when transferring sales of assets, or any other item worth a large amount of money. But keep in mind that the website ensures notify the individuals about the transfer. So, the members have to give consent before the site allows any form of transactions.

Management of individual data

There is no limit to the time the website will keep your data on their systems. Why? The website saves the personal information so they can access it anytime they need to carry out a transaction.

What you need to know about data protection

With privacy policy, you don’t need to worry about the information leaking to a third party ;hence, you don’t need to worry when sharing your data with them. They make sure to collect the individuals’ information for the following reasons;

  • They make sure to draft a contract consisting of terms and conditions that their members need to adhere to. The terms and conditions involve both the individual and the website.
  • They always consult their members when using their data to carry out any form of transaction.
  • They also require the details when carrying out transactions for recording purposes
  • They also save the information to comply with the law regarding the online transactions.

What are individuals rights regarding their shared personal information?

  • Do you want to make some changes to the saved data? Well, you have the right to log in and make any changes. You also have the right to delete the information shared on the website.
  • You have the right to have all shared information verified on the website
  • The website may restrict you from carrying out any form of transaction that does not follow the terms and conditions outlined
  • There is the right to withdraw any consent.

Other service provider

The privacy policy also works with other companies to carry out various services like facilitating the website, and analyzing the website. Note that the third party may also access the people’s personal information but they do it under outlined terms and conditions to safeguard the members’ information.

Other analytic

The privacy policy also uses Google Analytics to help them to monitor the traffic on the website. The website uses the reports from Google analytic to monitor and gauge how the website is performing. Note that the members have the right to opt-out of the Google analysis.

Payment processing

The website does not directly collect any form of payment from their members. They work with other money processing websites to receive the payment on their behalf. The third party money processing companies work under the PIC-DSS guide.