White Sands Shopping Centre

Located in Pasir Ris the White Sands Shopping Centre is a large establishment offering hundreds of various activities and shopping opportunities. These activities include a public library, a language school, a ballet academy, and a music school. The stores that are available for you to shop at range from children’s toy stores to stores selling high-end shoes and handbags, with an available ATM that makes spending hassle-free.

White Sands Shopping Centre Located near to Pasir Ris Central

The location of White Sands Shopping Centre is relatively easy to reach given their various travel options. If you are traveling by car or motorcycle you can park your vehicle in their paid parking garage (price vary based on vehicle type, day of the week, and on holidays) that is located along Central Street 3. If you do not have a vehicle there are also multiple options for public transportation. One option is the many nearby bus stops with different routes to help you get where you need to go as well as a nearby train station. White Sands Shopping Mall is also located near to Pasir Ris Central new condo by Allgreen Properties.

White Sands Shopping Centre Pasir Ris MRT Station

If you are in the mood for a workout the shopping centre also hosts various events, one of which is a weekly morning workout session that you can participate in with fellow shoppers. These workouts are a great way for you to stay fit at no cost to you. Plus once your workout has ended there are plenty of other ways there for you to unwind, including a relaxing trip to the nail salon, hair salon, or even the spa.

White Sands Shopping Mall For Children

Should you be shopping with either young children or someone with mobility issues you are able to rent both strollers and wheelchairs from the Customer Service Counter located on the 2nd level of the shopping centre. From there you are also able to rent a portable charger, keeping your phone’s battery from dying during your shopping experience, or an umbrella if you need to escape from the rain. You can also go here in the event that you require a first aid kit.

Both nursing mothers and those with disabilities have accommodations prepared for all of their restroom needs. For nursing mothers, there are private rooms where they can breastfeed their infants located at basement level one as well as on levels four and five. There are also handicapped restroom facilities so that it is easier for those with mobility devices to access the restroom. These are located on both basement level one and level five.

Midwood Condo Hong Leong Group Hillview

Among the latest development of the Hong Leong group is the Midwood condo. It has been developed by the Hong Leong Holdings Ltd which is a branch of the Hong Leong group. The property is located in the within the quiet neighborhoods of Hillview. The property is just within the proximity of Hillview MRT station. This property acts as your destined home because it has all the amenities you will require for a wonderful and unique lifestyle. Under this development, there are a shopping mall, clubs, fitness equipment like the gym. The place also has access to schools and other educational institutions. The infrastructure of the area is also well developed because there are roads and rails which links the area to cities like Singapore. The following are developed under the Hillview property.

The Midwood Condo Hong Leong Group

When you think of a home you think of a place where you can spend your time with other family members enjoying what is provided by nature. The area is located close to Bukit Timah and Bukit Bakot which provides a true feeling of nature via the greeneries around them. These sceneries at Midwood Hillview provide an environment full of fresh air and a true feeling of a home. After a busy day of work, you will truly enjoy the neighborhood with your family.

The Midwood at HillV2 Shopping Centre

HillV2 is a facility which serves as the main shopping Centre within Hillview. Upon it, you will have access to a supermarket, and a bar where you can have fun during the weekends. Access to these amenities makes it’s a better place to reside because you won’t have to travel far to buy your groceries or even drinks. The rail mall is another iconic feature within the area. The mall has a good infrastructure which is facilitated by the Hillview MRT station and the upper Bakit Timah road. Within the mall, you will also have access to free parking for your car hence convenient for your shopping needs.

Midwood Hillview Hong Leong Bukit Timah

At Bukit Timah, there is a wildlife conservancy location. This provides a cool and perfect area where you can spend the weekends with your family. This is because the place is good for leisure walk and other outdoor activities including hiking within the hiking trails provided by the reserve.
Schools and education facilities play a very big role when choosing your real estate development projects. The Midwood property has schools and other educational institution near it. They include Dazhong primary school, Swiss school in Singapore and Dulwich college Singapore. The schools are easily accessible due to the good infrastructure available within the area.
By now if there is a place you need to venture whether for investment or for residual purposes it’s the Hillview condo. In it, you will get that heart of belonging because it is a home far from your native one.

Parc Clematis Clementi MRT Station

Parc Clematis is an amazing development situated in the center of Clementi near SingHaiYi and MRT station. Clematis is one of the largest parcels of newly located land. The project is located in the prime city of Jalan Lempeng, where there is a wide variety of services, such as transportation and shopping options.

Clementi Town in the MRT Station, situated near Bukit Timah, has always been the choice of residential real estate to live. Clementi Town is the largest living place in Singapore. It is a very desirable city to live in. It is has several amenities for people to live. These facilities help provide many services for residents and include many of these cafes and shopping centers situated in many places in the city of Clemente.

Parc Clematis Clementi Town Clementi MRT Station

SingHaiyi Ltd is a growing company with a diverse portfolio consisting of investments, real estate development and management services in Singapore. An experienced team leads the team made up of renowned people in business.

The supervision has a variety of management advice in the field of real estate, as well as an in-depth view of the business. SingHaiYi has fantastic working records in investments connected with real estate. They will also boast relationships for long-term in the industry that assist them get the bestof their opportunities in investment. With the current development of Parc Clematis, the department will be pleased to announce that the event is one of the best. It is a development right in the center of the Clementi MRT station.

Parc Clematis Clementi Housing Estate

Clementi Housing Estate Parc Clematis Clementi MRT is well connected with other parts of Singapore, where it is connected through the Clementi MRT station on the MRT East-West line. The MRT Interchange is well integrated with Bus station. Therefore, residents of Clementi Town in Jalan Lempeng who travel to other parts of Singapore like the Central Business District will find that Clementi Town offers additional amenities. Along with the facilities provided at Mature Real Estate Clementi, residential property turns out to be the perfect place to live for those residing in the home.

Parc Clematis Enbloc Singapore

Parc Clematis represents Enbloc’s signature in the city of Clementi in the cycle of property escalation in Singapore. Presently, there was a rise in sales in an effort to assist people. That is because lately there has been great competition in the government land sales program and that the limited parcels are not enough to satisfy the number of developers for entrepreneurship.