Jalan Tembusu Condo Located at Tanjong Katong MRT Station

For residents of Singapore’s east coast, an exciting new condominium is set to open along Jalan Tembusu. Jalan Tembusu Condo is an established and bustling residential location that will surely catch residents’ attention. Nearby East Coast Park, the development will be situated in an area where many amenities and sporting activities can be found. The unit also enjoys a good connectivity, making it ideal for both business and leisure. Whether you’re looking for a one-bedroom apartment or a three-bedroom unit, Jalan Terembusu is the perfect choice.

Jalan Tembusu Condo site is located in the heart of Katong, within walking distance to the city and the central business district. The condominium is near many schools, including the upcoming Tanjong Katong MRT station, as well as the renowned Canadian International School. Several popular schools are also located nearby. The future Tanjong Katong MRT station is located about 700 meters away, making it convenient for residents to commute.

In addition to its great location, Jalan Tembusu Condo is close to several important landmarks, such as the Chung Cheng Secondary School, the Tanjong Katong Primary and Secondary Schools, and the Thomson-East Coast Line. This means that it’s easy to get to work or to school. The future Thomson-East Coast line station is just 600 meters away, making it an excellent location for those who commute to the city.

As an excellent residential location, the Jalan Tembusu Condo is located near the popular Marine Parade area. This area has many restaurants and shopping options. Its location makes it convenient for families and individuals alike. There is also ample room to entertain and socialize. Its proximity to this area makes it ideal for a home-based business or to work. It is an ideal choice for anyone in the middle of Singapore.

Jalan Tembusu Condo property is in a prime location. It is a short walk to the East Coast Parkway MRT station. It is located near the future Tanjong Katong MRT station. It will be connected to the East Coast Parkway via Mountbatten Road. The unit is a prestigious location for professionals. It is in a prime area for the city and is a good investment. The site also has great accessibility.

The Jalan Tembusu Condo is a new development that is situated in a popular neighbourhood. It is situated near the Chung Cheng High School, Tanjong Katong Primary School, and Tanjong Katong Girls’ School. It is located next to the Canadian International School, and several other schools are located nearby. The condo is just 700 metres from the future Tanjong Katong MRT station.

Jalan Tembusu Condoarea is well-known for its proximity to East Coast Park. It is a large green space spanning three main localities. The park is a popular destination for families as it is close to the LRT station and the Changi MRT. Hence, the area is a popular spot for many outdoor activities. The condominium is in a convenient location for both activities. There are many restaurants, cafes, and MRT stations nearby.

Jalan Tembusu Condoresidential neighborhood of Tanjong Katong is located on the eastern shore of Singapore. You can walk or cycle around the neighbourhood, and explore the colourful shophouses and heritage buildings. The Eurasian Heritage Centre and Peranakan Heritage Centre are also nearby. You can also find traditional restaurants and casual eateries here. If you like nature, you should also check out the East Coast Park, which is home to beaches and cycle paths.

Tanjong Katong near to Jalan Tembusu Condo is filled with prestigious residential and commercial properties. Residents and expatriates alike love the town’s coastal charm. Many of the buildings here are well-known for their architectural design. The area was developed in the early 1980s, and today, it is a popular place to live in Singapore. It is also a good choice for families. If you’re looking for an affordable home in Singapore, there are plenty of options in Tanjong Katong.

Tanjong Katong is a seaside suburb that was established in the 1800s by British settlers. The district was named after the Grove Estate, a coconut state owned by Thomas Dunman. By the 1940s, the area was established with many new residential buildings. Shophouses formerly used to house comfort women from Korea and Indonesia were located along the road. While most of the shops in the district are now commercial, they still maintain the 70s feel.

The Tanjong Katong complex was established in the year 1984. It is known for its variety of Malay shops, especially those that sell clothing. This place is a popular spot for shopping during Hari Raya. The area is also a great place to find wedding supplies. There are also a number of restaurants, textile stores, and interior design firms. The neighborhood is a popular choice for people living in Singapore.

The area is known for its diverse ethnicity. Most of the streets in the region were named after British seaside towns. In fact, some of the roads in the area were originally named after islands in the sea. Even today, you can still see remnants of the original Grove Estate along Mountbatten Road. Its ambiance reflects the diversity of residents in the neighborhood. There are several restaurants and interior design firms. The majority of homes are located on the eastern shore of Singapore.

The neighbourhood is also home to a number of notable eateries and shops. The area is renowned for its Malay shops, which attract a number of tourists. The area is popular for buying wedding supplies and is home to many Malay shophouses. It is also home to many other notable cafes and eateries. In addition to the food, the area is also a hub for business. There are even restaurants and interior design firms that are located in the neighborhood.



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